About The Company

The UnisonSteadfast network was founded as uni­sonBrokers by our President & CEO, Wolfgang Mercier in 2005. Today, we are the largest international network of independent insurance brokers with over 706 broker members in 140 countries.

Using our global reach, support of local specialists and access to a wide range of insurance products and services, we aim to provide our community of brokers, clients and insurers the ability to access the right solutions for their international insurance needs.

With the help of our headquarters in Hamburg, our subsidiary in Chicago, Steadfast Group in Australia and our representatives in Shanghai as well as the hubs of our networks in Africa and Latin America, we are able to successfully operate on a global scale – always keeping both feet firmly on the ground.

What makes UnisonSteadfast special?

Besides a strong network, UnisonSteadfast is characterized by close personal rela­tionships that are maintained within the international UnisonSteadfast family.

Our network of members, embody­ing the values of UnisonSteadfast, makes our brand unique, growing it into a strong and global community.