Independence Day Conference

The Independence Day Conference (IDC) is one of the most highly acclaimed meetings for our international broker members and selected business partners.

The conference usually takes place annually in different countries and cities around the globe. It is accessible to all the members of the UnisonSteadfast network.

An extensive program and high-profile speakers influencing the strategic decisions of our community regularly attract numerous professionals in the industry.

Attendees may seize unique opportunities to network with decision-makers and connect in-person with their business partners.

At the IDC, we unite our community to discuss current developments and the future orientation of UnisonSteadfast. Members may actively participate in the decision-making process, while sponsors and business partners are invited to present their new products and services. The IDC is the perfect platform for every participant to set the course for tomorrow.

7 reasons to attend:

  • Establish contacts with industry experts
  • Exchange ideas with business partners on professional matters
  • Take advantage of numerous opportunities to network with all attendees
  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Promote global reach and scalability
  • Actively participate

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