International Broker Tenders

Tenders/Request for Proposals

In times of increasing globalization of medium-sized businesses and hardening markets, cross-border insurance solutions set up and managed by qualified and experienced international insurance brokers are in demand more than ever.  UnisonSteadfast offers you as a member or client support in this field.


What kind of support do we offer?

1. Tenders/RFPs for international programs and special coverages

As a broker member, you can use our services both for existing accounts and for the attraction of new clients. We can assist you on:

  • the structure of international insurance programs
  • the selection of suitable insurers
  • the structure of tender/RFP documents.

In addition, we support you in obtaining all necessary risk information from abroad and act as a placing broker for other markets, if required.

2. Client alerts for brokers

If multinational companies invite you to tender for managing their international insurance plan, UnisonSteadfast can assist you with obtaining and presenting the requested information. In doing so, we draw on our experience from various tenders and know how to outperform the competitors in a fair way. As your representative, we are at your disposal for personal presentations at the client's premises. This offer is subject to you being shortlisted by the tendering company and can be extended to a special task force with broker representatives from the most relevant countries.

3. Broker alerts for clients

Are you unsatisfied with your current brokerage service? Has your business evolved on the local market or internationally? UnisonSteadfast is pleased to assist you with selecting the best insurance broker for your company – either we directly recommend a contact in the country concerned or we initiate a broker tender.  For the latter, we pre-select brokers from our network in the respective country. We provide support throughout the entire tendering process and the subsequent implementation, if required. Thanks to our worldwide network of more than 1,000 brokerage companies, you benefit from a wide selection when it comes to geographic representation and specialist expertise.


What does that include?

We provide a holistic concept, including:

  • Client, risk and market analysis
  • Broker selection
  • Elaboration of the relevant questions/information requested and structuring of the tender/RFP process incl. invitation
  • Presentation of the results for decision-making incl. advisory function
  • Support for the subsequent implementation
  • Sales and presentation material


If you require more detailed information, please get in touch with us.

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