Quality Standards

The swift, thorough and quality solution of all the UnisonSteadfast members' insurance-related issues is our top priority.

Quality in human resources

Quality starts with each individual employee. We understand communication as one of our most important assets. Our teams closely co-operate across all departments. Thanks to our well-established substitution system, we can provide consistent client service and conscientious processing of all enquiries - even in exceptional circumstances.

We also promote the continuous training and further education of our employees through regular training sessions about fundamental and special insurance issues. In addition, we discuss recent updates in the rapidly changing markets. To further grow the know-how of our qualified staff, we offer special training budgets.

Error culture

An open error culture, in which errors are not concealed but seen as the starting point for optimization, is an integral part of our work. Only by analyzing and amending mistakes, we can ensure that the UnisonSteadfast service quality stays on the highest level.

Quality standards of the network

UnisonSteadfast focuses on maintaining a consistent service quality, despite the rapidly changing market conditions. The concerns of your clients, broker members and insurers enjoy our highest priority. We have identified as our core task of helping to resolve your clients' insurance needs quickly creates the best individual solution for your clients.

Our selected members maintain the same quality standards. In this way, we can provide a high quality level within our global community.

The UnisonSteadfast annual performance rating ensures the permanent monitoring of our standards.

Thanks to our UnisonAcademy, we are able to offer a platform for continuous training measures and know-how exchange among our broker members from all over the world. In addition, we promote interdisciplinary professional and cultural exchange on an international level by means of our UNEX employee exchange program.

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