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We are happy to welcome any new broker who would like to join the UnisonSteadfast network as a member. However, there are certain requirements that we have for such a membership in order to keep our quality level within the community.  

First, the broker must hold a broker’s licence and have an adequate professional liability policy with sufficient coverage. 

The potential member must have a basic interest in international insurance – either through their own international clients or have the potential to bring international clients into our network. 

We are also more than willing to accept brokers as members who are not only generalists, but also have at least a special competence, or cover a particular client segment. 

Furthermore, we run a background check of the applicant to learn more about its competences and reputation in the relevant insurance market. It is of great importance to us to make sure:  

  • We avoid any potential conflicts of interest with existing broker members 
  • Whether the current total business volume in the relevant region is sufficient to accommodate additional members there.

In the course of a membership with UnisonSteadfast, we continuously check the quality of our brokers, but also their commitment. This includes at least occasional participation in our conferences, such as our annual international Independence Day Conference, but also active involvement in practice groups or other working groups. 

Membership Requirements 

  1. Broker’s licence 
  2. Professional Liability Insurance 
  3. Basic interest in international insurance 
  4. Special competence or specific client segment 
  5. Reputation in the local market 
  6. Sufficient business volume of UnisonSteadfast in the respective market 

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