The Network

At UnisonSteadfast, we have built a strong and enthusiastic network of over 706 broker members across 140 countries. We believe we have done this through our commitment to close, personal relationships and selectively working with broker members, and their clients as well as insurers and other co-operation partners who align to our core values.

To us, we aren’t just a network, we are an active and dynamic global community who work together to find the best solutions for the client.

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What are the criteria to join UnisonSteadfast? How can I promote my international business? Broker members of UnisonSteadfast have access to a broad range of risk and insurance services.


UnisonSteadfast is the world’s leading independent insurance broker network with more than 706 broker members worldwide

Independence Day Conference

Would you like to get the “real feel” of our global community? The Independence Day Conference regularly attracts numerous insurance professionals to network and discuss current developments as well as future trends.

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With their expertise and capabilities through our various industries, they build the backbone of our global network.


Member Rating

Providing proof of high quality standards has become indispensable in today’s business world. How does our Network Performance Rating help us keep our quality pledge?


Continuous training and knowledge transfer is essential to train both longstanding employees and young professionals in international insurance matters. Learn more about our training facilities and our UNEX program.


All cross-border activities need to comply with the legal and tax provisions of the respective countries.  Find out what must be observed and how we ensure compliance in our network.

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