Product Development

The worldwide UnisonSteadfast network can offer insurance solutions in relevant countries or alternative placing options in the international insurance markets such as Lloyd’s.

Thanks to our access to numerous national insurance markets, we have a current and extensive overview of new insurance or specialty products in local markets, which may not yet exist in other markets.

UnisonSteadfast offers its assistance for the development of these products for the respective market as well as on an international level. In doing so, we rely on the technical expertise of our members to assist in adapting the products to local market conditions. We can employ UnisonSteadfast's network structures with multiple brokers in one country for distribution. This also applies to facultative reinsurance solutions with local insurers and international reinsurers.

Our broker members in both the country which makes a product available and the country in which it is adapted and distributed equally benefit from the launch of a new common product and share in the success.

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