Practice Groups

The global members of the UnisonSteadfast network combine to offer a variety of specialist competences for different insurance lines and markets. The identification, structuring and pooling of capabilities and experience is one of the essential goals of the network.

We offer our members numerous opportunities for profound know-how exchange within the scope of expert groups. Members with the respective core activities and professional background may join a Practice Group and make direct contact with their colleagues.

The Practice Groups focus on the development of new sales instruments as well as know-how transfer on a global scale. Moreover, they serve as a platform for the dialogue with insurers and MGAs.



  1. Pooling of international capabilities
  2. International know-how transfer
  3. Joint appearance in tenders/RFPs
  4. Product development on a global scale

Our Strategic Council takes care of the organization of existing groups and encourages the formation of additional Practice Groups.

Are you interested in joining a Practice Group? If you are a UnisonSteadfast member and would like to learn more about Practice Groups currently in place, please reach out.

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