UnisonAcademy – Grow Your Know-how!

Education and training have always been key to pursuing a career in insurance. However, with rapidly changing market conditions, easier access to training measures and the requirement level for employees in the insurance industry increasing, various markets ask for training certificates or credit points to prove that insurance professionals regularly expand and update their knowledge.

In line with our commitment to share our knowledge, we have founded the UnisonAcademy. The UnisonAcademy is UnisonSteadfast’s training facility – a system built on four pillars.

Learn about our work processes and tools. We also help you refresh existing knowledge or gain new insights into the design of international insurance programs and international client service.

Obtain in-depth knowledge about special products, claims and risk management from our co-operation partners.

Local partners and correspondents have the best knowledge and insight into their domestic market. Find out more about current market developments and characteristics.

Get to know the people behind the correspondence and learn more about the market characteristics and developments from first-hand on-site experience. Our international employee exchange program gives (young) professionals a deeper insight into the respective local market. The UNEX mission is to safeguard cross-generational know-how transfer and bring closer international business to the next generation.

The objective of the UnisonAcademy is to train both our young professionals as well as employees of UnisonSteadfast broker members in international insurance matters. All parties involved need to be familiar with their tasks and responsibilities within the service circle. Therefore, we regularly offer (online) seminars to explain the relevant work processes of the UnisonSteadfast network.

To complement our training offer, we hold webinars on international insurance programs as well as country-specific regulations and characteristics in co-operation with local members.

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