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UnisonSteadfast risk solutions

UnisonSteadfast has partnered with Steadfast Risk Group to provide a wide suite of risk solutions, consulting services and online tools based on the internationally recognised ISO31000 risk management standard. It enables broker members to have wide-ranging conversations with their clients around risk to deliver superior outcomes and further instil client trust and confidence with clients throughout the insurance life cycle.

iSurveyRisk™ is an online property risk assessment tool empowering brokers to proactively approach clients about potential property risks to their businesses.

By improving a business' "risk score", brokers can help their clients achieve greater exposure accuracy, help guide them in loss control and risk prevention and therefore achieve more accurate and fairer premiums. 

The platform provides brokers with confidence to discuss risk remediation before an engineering survey takes place. 

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Identify the risk

iProfileRisk is an online tool created to simplify risk hazard identification and provide NatCat summaries.

The tool aims to empower UnisonSteadfast members to have more robust risk conversations with clients through strong data evidence when making critical risk and insurance decisions.

  • A UnisonSteadfast developed collaboration with insurance industry experts
  • Industry recognised risk hazard and index categorisation
  • A platform with SwissRe NatCat risk gradings

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Alternative Risk Transfer solutions

Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) solutions enable broker members and their clients to address risks without relying on traditional insurance markets and can be beneficial for organisations that wish to undertake a wider risk finance solution.

Effective risk management is central to our mission. Our team provides avenues for broker members and their clients to explore alternative risk transfer options and other structured solutions beyond traditional insurance.

We specialise in two main alternative risk transfer options:



Discretionary Mutual Funds

Discretionary Mutual Funds

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Ochrona PCC Limited is a protected cell company (PCC). Individual captive cells can be established for UnisonSteadfast member clients as a captive solution to provide greater financial risk and control. Ochrona PCC also provides clients access to reinsurance markets directly.

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions provide bespoke enterprise risk consultation services to help brokers and their clients detect, determine and effectively track strategic and operational risks.  

Engaging with specialised enterprise risk consultants enables brokers and clients to understand risks in greater detail, through guidance and coaching to identify key business risks.  

Enterprise risk consultants can also help to provide strategic insight to identify continuous improvement and business growth opportunities. This may be particularly beneficial for larger scale businesses and organisations, which often have more complex strategic, tactical and operational risks.   


Why use an ERM?

An effective and efficient ERM is fundamental to a business’ risk management approach.  

It empowers businesses to make impactful and beneficial data driven decisions. Without it, business management are vulnerable to missed growth opportunities and costly retroactive risk management.  

ERM  consultation services further aids businesses to bring risk driven conversations at the forefront of strategic and operational decisions by business management to drive early detection and proactive action. 


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Cooperation with Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS)

As of June 2023, UnisonSteadfast cooperates with ZRS - the commercial risk advisory and services unit of Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) created to help businesses address a rapidly changing risk landscape and to provide data-led risk engineering and holistic risk management services for clients worldwide.

Under the exclusive agreement, UnisonSteadfast broker members in 140 countries enjoy direct access to the entire suite of ZRS’s risk management services, including the unique network of more than 870 Zurich Risk Engineers worldwide.

Why use ZRS?

  • Working with ZRS gives our members the advantage of Zurich’s excellent reputation and standing in the market.
  • Our members are provided with direct access to Zurich’s global systems, resources, and expertise. ZRS is happy to work with your clients, regardless of whether they are Zurich insured policy holders or not.

  • Dual-label branded solutions to support your regional proposition are available upon request.

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