Quite a few of you might be wondering what happens with our Employee Benefits Practice Group in between our Independence Day Conferences. Therefore, we decided it is time to update you with a “Behind the Scenes” insight.

Recently, it was our pleasure and privilege to welcome Daniel Orrell of Steadfast Life to our Hamburg office. Daniel is Chief Distribution Officer, and was particularly interested in getting to know more about our Employee Benefits Practice Group. During his visit, we provided him with details on our group and shared our ideas on how to further enhance the collaboration to the benefit of all our members.

Another example for “Behind the Scenes” is the support of our members in “Request For Proposals/Tenders”, even enabling us to compete against big corporate brokers and other major networks. The support includes the gathering of information, compliance issues as well as the participation in client presentations and many more features. Please ask us for more information and for your individual support at any time.

Last but not least, many of our Practice Groups members regularly offer webinars on their respective markets and provide us with valuable market information and the latest developments on legislation, products, and practices for their countries and world regions.

Should your organization be interested in reaching out to our globally diverse and numerously broad membership base, please contact us any time. We will be delighted to support you and provide advice if requested.

Florian Gude Employee Benefits Network Coordination Officer