Engie Spain, through the intermediation of Jori Credit, has obtained guarantees and 'green bonds' worth 220 million euros for energy projects.

Engie Spain is driving projects in categories such as renewable energy production, energy storage, transmission and distribution infrastructure, energy efficiency, and CO2 reuse, among other disciplines.


Engie Spain has secured financial agreements for 'green bonds' totaling 220 million euros for energy projects with BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, BBVA, Banco Santander, and the insurer Solunion Seguros, through the intermediation of Jori Credit, as stated in a company press release.


The execution of these sustainable projects will involve solar systems or low-carbon emission energy services at customers' facilities, respecting and reaffirming Engie's commitment to corporate carbon neutrality in all energy processes where it collaborates with its clients.


With this operation, Jori Credit Financial Solutions, the Corporate Finance division of Jori Armengol, solidifies its mission to provide the best, suitable, and innovative financial-insurance tools to drive and sustain the development of its clients.